We began as an idea, became a humble service,

and continue to thrive as a community.

Co-Owners and Founders, Louie Ontiveros and James Gutierrez III, opened up their small custom bicycle shop in hopes of creating a place where cyclists of all kinds and from all walks of life could come make friends with other people of similar interest, and grow as a community in San Diego.​

Offering affordable custom bicycles built from the ground up, they're heart is to get quality bicycles in the hands of those that have a desire to be individual and unique, and are willing to invest in that quality while meeting their practical needs as a rider in their local city.

James and Louie are not only business partners, but are avid cyclists themselves, as well as very good friends.  Both knowing the importance of using like-interest to draw people together, as they have experienced with each other, they hope to provide their shop as a place for people to belong, grow, and thrive in that same light.


Partnering with the Moniker Group, their shop exists in a collaborative creative design warehouse that is aligned with the mission to bring people together, and regularly provides a space for people to come hang out, grab a cup of coffee, or just be part of conversations in hopes of inspiring greater things as a collective of artists, designers, ideators, and creatives.